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Famous phrases about animals


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Famous phrases about animals

leo Leonardo da Vinci

It is true that man is the king of animals, because his brutality exceeds theirs. We live thanks to the death of others. From the earliest age I have denied the habit of meat cibars, and I believe that there will come a time when men will know the soul of animals and in which the killing of an animal will be considered with the same blame with which we consider today that of a man.”

gandi_m Mahatma Gandhi (Gandhi Mohandas Karamchand)

The life of a lamb is no less precious than that of a human being. I find that the more a creature is defenseless, the more it has the right to be protected by man from the cruelty of other men.

margherita Margherita Hack

I think killing any living creature is a bit like killing ourselves and I do not see any difference between the pain of an animal and that of a human being.”

veronesi Umberto Veronesi

If you ask people if they love animals, most will answer yes.
I've always wondered how you can eat someone you love

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